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Welcome to Newberg Community Yoga

We are now offering in person classes. Full schedule to return this Fall!



We have classes for everyone - whether you're just starting out on a journey to wellness or an athlete looking for improved concentration and flexibility. Even those with chronic health or mobility issues can find a place in our adaptive yoga program. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all practice!


Traditionally, yoga use the challenges of physical exercise to train the mind to have a greater ability to observe, concentrate and accept. In the process, mind and body become better partners, leading one another toward health and happiness. With every pose, we get the opportunity to practice, reflect, and let go. The benefits are greater vitality, reduced stress, better posture, and improved strength and flexibility.

We look forward to practicing with you!

Current Classes

Iyengar Yoga

w/Robert Flory 

In Person


10:30 - Noon

Join Robert weekly and gain flexibility and strength through his precise instruction and balanced sequences. This class is for those new to yoga or to the Iyengar method, or for experienced yoga students who wish to strengthen their practice of fundamental actions and alignment in asanas (postures). Learn how to align the body and improve functional movement and practice awareness in action.

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All Level Yoga
w/Amy Jaczko
In Person
10:30 - Noon

Join Amy for a steady practice with focus on proper alignment to  build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance as well as improve concentration. This class is suitable for, and potentially challenging for ALL LEVELS as it can be taken as easily or deeply as one's body demands on a given day. 

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Yoga for Life;
Basic Yoga Sequence Workshop
w/ Jane Carlsen

In Person
Sunday, August 15th

1:00 - 3:00pm


Learn a basic yoga sequence to practice at home to keep YOU healthy and mobile for life. There are plenty of resources online, but they don't take individual differences into account. This two hour workshop will give you the tools you need to establish a safe and productive practice. Under the supervision of an experienced teacher, you will learn how to adapt the poses to best suit your own personal needs. This workshop is appropriate for those new to yoga as well as continuing students.


Jane Carlsen has been teaching yoga for more than 25 years to all kinds of people. She is particularly interested in how to use yoga to address health problems, and has taught yoga for research projects with Kaiser and OHSU.

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Gentle Yoga Class

with Amy Jaczko 


Mondays and Wednesdays

1:30 - 2:30 pm

This gentle Yoga Class will offer the benefits of our other yoga classes but use a chair as a prop for support, balance, or advancing the pose as appropriate for each student.  A series of options are given for each posture to allow students to find the optimal balance between support and challenge to meet them where they are at the moment. This class will incorporate an exploration of alignment, strength, balance, flexibility, breath, and relaxation. No Yoga experience needed.

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All Level Yoga
w/Amy Jaczko
In Person
7:00 - 8:30pm

Looking for a great way to end the work day? Join Amy for an evening of yoga. She will lead you through a series of poses that bring focus to alignment, stamina, flexibility, and balance as well as improve concentration. This class is suitable for ALL LEVELS and will initially energize you and then settle you down for a great night's sleep.

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Three Part Series:

Yoga for Beginners



In Person

Thursdays, 8/5, 8/12, 8/19

10:30 - Noon


Are you new to yoga or do you feel like you would like brush up on some of the basics after a year off? Join Amy in August for a gentle approach to getting back into or starting yoga. She will teach you the basic poses to help you feel more confident in your knowledge and alignment of the poses. Beginning a yoga practice will help bring balance to the body and mind by increasing strength, flexibility and equanimity through focusing on the postures and the breath.


Amy has been studying yoga for 10 years. She loves using yoga as a way to explore the self and enjoys working with students and providing a safe environment for all.

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